TAILIEUCHUNG - Recurrent Hernia Prevention and Treatment - part 7

được sử dụng là thỏ và lợn. Ngay cả với các mô hình động vật lớn (con lợn), nó rất dễ dàng để tưởng tượng rằng những thiết bị tương tự không khắc phục cũng như trong một con người, do sự gia tăng độ dày tường chất béo và bụng preperitoneal so với các mô hình chăn nuôi lợn. | 249 VII Laparoscopical Repair Fig. . a The mesh explant shows the abdominal wall side of the mesh and the amount of constructs available for fixation b This mesh explant shows the abdominal wall side of the mesh and the amount of the tacks available for fixation used were the- rabbitund the the btge animal model the pig it is easy to imagine that these same devicesdo e ot fixaswell d gi the increase in preperi eoeal fat anti abdominal wallthlckt ness comperedto thd pignio dels Fig the amount opthefeo ton dev ee n onstructaed tacd that is avaiiabld ae so t the piPotieurn the pre-peritoneh fee adV indo tho lai feooihi B y lp the obese paaient whohd s mcro h intcc-abdomipel pressuret andmpropreneriledealfep steroidcencarn hat a nr sudhotechnique mtghtieadlo a 0 0 1-hoodoftoouvrence. To mtnlmmebllvelingwi1h flPuteplppenllpnt at is important to visualize the abdominal wall to identify and avoid aPe hPermr ẹplpimricvr8dVt anC thhir occiPenal injpry td eneb m inidwallaọipnfe omalCt coanrgladdgCahlitoahC0ỊrdcìdCP and or 0 thesntuod Pi bleeding 0 be contrnDedwith dio uaeiivetioy ntoximalattd aidel to the benPidg site atdcing tuluvesthrough the same ski inchũihd. Sutued eho hata duty bo Ics nd hy anesthetic prior to skin incision and by tying the knots geptly to avoid hParappp dPeavus apddilluelhul demg the kpot gentiyrn cchd olsohenc dhaiadd p uerr count of recurrence 1 0 outdoe the 1 suture abrgtldm tolidu aPe I l tneorand mek-ing sure the mesh covers the suture site should also help to pmvẹỊ v cPurv sile heunid ataO oa interval 0 hdOo vary dvpehdanghn tee size andtypo oCnefpcalVwlsschecsovs. flngleUhfeci and the amount hímiụh 0 . Cdgeopoul hp loegut ahe defealdhe douc ado shluheipiedddl thonlO ba. example whm pepairind a a oeotpp umhflicat hernia using a 10x15 cm mesh the initial four sutures tog hi ttom nndhace sige shouldprovedendequate suture fixation. For a large single defect involving an eurne nndlinr iltdPiol .

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