TAILIEUCHUNG - Cutt-, drill-, milling behavior

Inspection devices * water-cooled circular saw * 5mm milling head * 5mm metal drill | TIGER DRYLAC Quality Control Test instruction Cutt- drill- milling behavior PA 15 1. Outline test standard none Inspection devices water-cooled circular saw 5 mm milling head 5 mm metal drill Explanation This check shows the practicability of powder coatings in outdoor use for fasades. 2. Work instruction Brief description of the procedure The coated components must be easily processed with commercial tools and gumption assistance. Requirements For this check coated chromated profiles which are stored 24 hours are used. With the check taken place it may come to no disturbing flakings. 3. Test intervals Original inspection At the time of the termination of a development a check is to be executed before the mass production. Repeat inspection Practice showed that through the mechanical checks . the cross-cutt occurring disturbances are detected so that this check is checked only in the course of the annual rehollow check over the GSB - permission. 4. Analysis Approved by Issue date Update status Folder-Nr page Ing. Holzberger March 1994 00 HQ 03 - 18 1 2 Test instruction TIGER DRYLAC Quality Control Cutt- drill- milling behavior PA 15 No disturbing flakings may occur to analysis at the cut-edges If the requirements are not fulfilled all loads are to be locked and the customer about the lack to be informed. 5. Responsibility Original inspections The internal checks are passed on by the laboratory conductor or in its absence by its deputy to the laborants trusted with the check. The results are in that above mentioned sequence to transmit. With negative results the product may not become certified for the sales. The prescription should accordingly be improved. Repeat inspections The inspection results are to be transmitted to the responsible laboratory conductor or in its absence to its deputy in order to initiate if necessary following steps. With a negative result the barrier of the product is to be arranged by the QA and a .