TAILIEUCHUNG - Effective Project Management Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme Third Edition phần 2

Quản lý dự án kiểm soát sử dụng nguồn lực và lịch trình làm việc. Quản lý kiểm soát chi phí và mức độ tài nguyên. Khách hàng kiểm soát phạm vi, chất lượng và ngày giao hàng. Những điểm này cho thấy một hệ thống phân cấp quản lý dự án như các giải pháp để thích ứng với các thay đổi được tìm. Chúng tôi quay trở lại chủ đề này chi tiết hơn trong Chương 10. | What Is a Project 11 The project manager controls resource utilization and work schedules. Management controls cost and resource level. The customer controls scope quality and delivery dates. These points suggest a hierarchy for the project manager as solutions to accommodate the changes are sought. We return to this topic in greater detail in Chapter 10. Scope Creep Scope creep is the term that has come to mean any change in the project that was not in the original plan. Change is constant. To expect otherwise is simply unrealistic. Changes occur for several reasons that have nothing to do with the ability or foresight of the customer or the project manager. Market conditions are dynamic. The competition can introduce or announce an upcoming new version of its product. Your management might decide that getting to the market before the competition is necessary. Your job as project manager is to figure out how these changes can be accommodated. Tough job but somebody has to do it Regardless of how the scope change occurs it is your job as project manager to figure out how if at all you can accommodate the change. Hope Creep Hope creep is the result of a project team member s getting behind schedule reporting that he or she is on schedule but hoping to get back on schedule by the next report date. Hope creep is a real problem for the project manager. There will be several activity managers within your project team members who manage a hunk of work. They do not want to give you bad news so they are prone to tell you that their work is proceeding according to schedule when in fact it is not. It is their hope that they will catch up by the next report period so they mislead you into thinking that they are on schedule. The activity managers hope that they will catch up by completing some work ahead of schedule to make up the slippage. The project manager must be able to verify the accuracy of the status reports received from the team members. This does not mean that the