TAILIEUCHUNG - Effective Project Management Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme Third Edition phần 3

Phạm vi leo là một thuật ngữ có nghĩa là bất kỳ sự thay đổi trong các dự án không có trong kế hoạch ban đầu. Thay đổi là hằng số. Mong đợi nếu không chỉ đơn giản là không thực tế. Thay đổi xảy ra vì nhiều lý do mà không có gì để làm với khả năng hay tầm nhìn xa của các khách hàng hoặc người quản lý dự án. | Scoping the Project D51 to put more on our plates than we need. The result is to include project activities and tasks that extend beyond the boundaries defined in the POS. When this occurs stop the planning session and ask whether the activity is outside the scope of the project and if so whether you should adjust the scope to include the new activity or delete the new activity from the project plan. TIP You will find that all through the project planning activities discussed in this book there will be occasions to stop and reaffirm project boundaries. Boundary clarification questions will continually come up. Adopting this questioning approach is sound TPM. An objective statement should contain four parts An outcome. A statement of what is to be accomplished A time frame. The expected completion date A measure. Metrics that will measure success An action. How the objective will be met In many cases the complete objective statement will be spread across the POS rather than collected under the heading of Objectives. This is especially true for the time frame and measures of success. Identifying Success Criteria The fourth section of the POS answers the question Why do we want to do this project It is the measurable business value that will result from doing this project. It sells the project to senior management. Whatever criteria are used they must answer the question What must happen for us and the customer to say the project was a success The Conditions of Satisfaction will contain the beginnings of a statement of success criteria. Phrased another way success criteria form a statement of doneness. It is also a statement of the business value to be achieved and therefore it provides a basis for senior management to authorize the resources to do detailed planning. It is essential that the criteria be quantifiable and measurable and if possible expressed in terms of business value. Remember that you are trying to sell your idea to the decision makers. No matter how

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