TAILIEUCHUNG - MANAGEMENT DYNAMICS Merging Constraints Accounting to Drive Improvement phần 7

Nếu theo thứ tự xuất hiện trong nhóm 3%, chú thích các báo cáo lỗ đệm để phản ánh tình trạng và ngày hành động tiếp theo nếu thích hợp. Job # 20 sẽ được kiểm tra một lần nữa vào ngày 19 Tháng Tám chắc chắn rằng nó vẫn còn theo dõi lô hàng vào thời gian. 3. | Buffer Management Reporting 185 2. If the order appears to be in the 3 group annotate the Buffer Hole Report to reflect the status and next action date if appropriate. Job 20 will be checked again on August 19 to be certain that it is still on track for on-time shipment. 3. If the order appears to be in the 3 group but a specific next check time is not known monitor the item on a regular basis to ensure its on-time shipment. 4. If the order appears to be in the 1 group or is too close to call err on the side of paranoia here take appropriate actions to expedite the item. Job 30 has a promise to ship to Peterson Manufacturing by August 22. However it appears that the vacation schedule of one of our employees Rob Davis is about to become a problem for our customer Peterson Manufacturing. This report will have widespread distribution and the general culture of the organization will probably determine whether this happens. If the culture is such that the members of the organization understand what needs to be done and there is a motivating reason for them to do it then there is a good chance that somebody will take the initiative to see whether the approval can come from elsewhere. Job 40 makes its first appearance on the report today. The comment EXPEDITE is generated by the computer software in the absence of other comments. Its purpose is to alert all report recipients that this item is in danger of missing its shipping date and that no corrective action has yet been identified. The buffer manager a new position for organizations undertaking constraint management will follow up on this item. When its status is determined more fully the appropriate comments will be added to the report. If the item appears to be a 1 type of item the buffer manager will also immediately initiate appropriate expediting actions. The DBR system subordinates the production flow to the schedule of the constraints. Buffers accommodate the statistical fluctuations inherent in the system. When