TAILIEUCHUNG - MANAGEMENT DYNAMICS Merging Constraints Accounting to Drive Improvement phần 8

có những hành động thích hợp để đẩy nhanh mục. Job # 30 có một lời hứa gửi đến Peterson sản xuất ngày 22 tháng 8. Tuy nhiên, nó xuất hiện rằng lịch kỳ nghỉ của một trong những nhân viên của chúng tôi, Rob Davis, là để trở thành một vấn đề cho khách hàng của chúng tôi, Peterson sản xuất. Báo cáo này sẽ có phân bố rộng rãi | Notes 255 interdepartmental information requests in many organizations. However since everyone is aware of the importance of the organization s Archimedean constraints everyone in the organization gives top priority to matters dealing with or relating to constraints. 15 The request could be for a decrease but we doubt that that would happen very often. Nevertheless before discarding the notion we might consider that such a procedure could present an avenue for obtaining agreement for budget decreases that could then be a component of a POOGI Bonus. 16 The payback allocation method and the sources of future improvement are discussed in Chapter 5. 17 Class D labor will still be an internal physical constraint. This is at variance with the analysis in Chapter 3 which suggested that the entire 150 000 of potential throughput listed in the Expansion and Replacement Funnel would be received. This discrepancy arises because in Chapter 3 we had not yet discussed the implications of different t cus for accepting potential orders. Now in Chapter 10 we add the assumption that the sales function has been exploiting and subordinating appropriately. 18 This assumption about future T is discussed further in Chapter 11. 19 The purpose of the commitment to employees is to continually satisfy the third necessary condition for successful constraint management a reason for people to subordinate appropriately as discussed in Chapter 11. 20 The time value of money refers to the fact that as a rule given a lump sum of money say 100 we would rather have it sooner than later. However probably at some point we would prefer a future amount. For example we might prefer a reliable promise to receive 120 one year from today to receiving 100 today. Such a preference implies that there is some amount between 100 and 120 at which we are indifferent to having the money today rather than a year form now. If our indifference amount is 110 then we would say that our time preference for money is 10 per

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