TAILIEUCHUNG - Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) as a Papermaking Raw Material in Minnesota: Technical, Economic, and Environmental Considerations

Some energy crop species are rich in toxic chemicals (such as allelochemicals in Jatropha). These toxic oilseed crops can enter the food chain in many ways. Research studies on the toxicity have highlighted the potential negative impacts on the ecosystem, including other plants that might grow in the vicinity. Pesticides impact the environment at several levels (from production of fertilizers to cultivation of energy crops). Studies show that the environmental footprint is comparatively larger during the cultivation process. Thus, a detailed analysis is required to quantify this criterion. The environmental impact can be calculated by using determining the toxicity of the pesticides used and the amount used to protect crops from natural field diseases and weeds. The amount of pesticides used or present in the environment can differ with the type of crop, the application procedure and the type of pesticides used. . | Industrial Hemp Cannabis sativa L. as a Papermaking Raw Material in Minnesota Technical Economic and Environmental Considerations1 by Jim L. Bowyer2 May 2001 1 Funding for this research provided by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. 2 Jim L. Bowyer is professor and Director of the Forest Products Management Development Institute Department of Wood Paper Science University of Minnesota 2004 Folwell Avenue St. Paul MN 55108. Table of Contents Abstract. 1 Context. 1 Expanding Paper Demand. 1 Increasing Pressures on Forests .3 Increasing the Area of Forest Expansion of Recycling Potential Use of Agricultural Crop Residues. 8 Annual Fiber Crops as a Source of Industrial Hemp as an Industrial The Nature of The Narcotic Production of Industrial Growth and Site Climate Needs for Fertilization and Requirements for Pesticides and Storage of Harvested Industrial Hemp as a Papermaking Technical Aspects of Hemp Economic Considerations in Pulping of Industrial Scenario One - Mechanical Scenario Two - Hemp Bark or Bast Chemical Pulping and Bleaching vs. Hemp Core vs. Spruce vs. Aspen Pulping and Scenario Three - Whole Stalk Chemical Pulping of Hemp vs. Spruce vs. Environmental Aspects of Hemp vs. Wood Literature Cited .36 Appendix - Full USDA Report Industrial Hemp in the United States Status and Market Potential January 2000 . http publications ages001E i List of Tables Table 1 . and Worldwide Pulp and Paper Consumption vs. Table 2 Historical and Projected . Forest Area Per Table 3 Historical and Projected World Forest Area Per Table 4 A Comparison of Annual Per Capita Wood Consumption and Available Forest Area to Support that

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