TAILIEUCHUNG - School of veterinary medicine

In FY2008, LO continued to review and revise policies, procedures, services, and organizational lines to address shifting workloads, to use electronic information to enhance basic operations and services, and to work with other NLM program areas to ensure permanent access to electronic information through the development of an NLM Digital Repository. An LO-wide group which includes members from OCCS and NCBI was created to identify, test, and recommend software for the repository. Work also continued on the Indexing 2015 initiative, an NLM-wide research and development effort to improve indexing performance and productivity which is being led. | Purdue SCHOOL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE 2010 through 2011 CATALOG The information contained in this publication is subject to change as a result of action by federal and or state governments the trustees of Purdue University and the administration of Purdue University. Questions concerning the contents of this publication should be directed to the appropriate University department or official. Produced by Purdue Marketing and Media M School of Veterinary Medicine Ij 2010 through 2011 y Published by Purdue University West Lafayette .

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