TAILIEUCHUNG - Bibliography on Medieval Women, Gender, and Medicine 1980-2009

The Board has embarked on an effort to comprehensively update its regulations, something that has not been done in many years. Some of the areas of the Board may review include updating licensing provisions, addressing the issue of licensing and credentialing in times of national emergency and considering a category of administrative medicine. Another major goal of the agency is the full revitalization of the Patient Care Assessment Division. With a full complement of staff, sufficient resources and excellent compliance by hospitals, PCA can finally begin to comprehensively and intensively analyze its database for possible trends and concerns with procedures. | DIGITAL LIBRARY Bibliography on Medieval Women Gender and Medicine 1980-2009 Latest update February 2 2010 Monica H. Green Arizona State University This bibliography comprises all the entries that appeared in the bibliography on Women and Medicine that I published periodically in the Medieval Feminist Forum formerly Medieval Feminist Newsletter from 1990 to The previously published entries have been merged into a single alphabetical list by author and some editorial commentary has been updated or modified. I have added items that were previously overlooked or that date before the original dates covered 2 and I have added new material published up through 2009 including a few items that cross over into the early modern period since they carry forward issues that began in the late Middle Multiple entries for a single author are listed chronologically by date of publication. For cross-referencing I have used the author s last name 1Monica H. Green Women and Medicine Medieval Feminist Forum formerly Medieval Feminist Newsletter no. 10 Fall 1990 pp. 23-24 no. 11 Spring 1991 pp. 25-26 no. 13 Spring 1992 pp. 32-34 no. 15 Spring 1993 pp. 42-43 no. 19 Spring 1995 pp. 39-42 no 21 Spring 1996 and no. 26 Fall 1998 pp. 8-11 no. 30 Fall 2000 pp. 44-4 9 no. 32 Fall 2001 pp. 50-53 no. 34 Fall 2002 no. 37 Spring 2004 pp. 35-39. All back issues of Medieval Feminist Forum are now available gratis online at http mff . 2Highlights of particularly important work in this category include Aguirre de Cárcer 1991 and Muller 2000 and 2002. Obviously there exists scholarship that predates 1980 that remains important. I have not included that however since references can readily be found in the more modern works cited here. 3Highlights here include such now essential studies as Elsakkers multiple studies on abortion van der Lugt s work on generation and Zuccolin s studies of northern Italian medicine. Please cite as .

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