TAILIEUCHUNG - Pesticide Residues in Coastal Tropical Ecosystems: Distribution, fate and effects - Chapter 5

Ấn Độ có một bờ biển dài với một vùng đặc quyền kinh tế kéo dài ra đến 200 dặm hải lý ngoài khơi. Thuốc trừ sâu được sử dụng cho mục đích y tế nông nghiệp và công chúng và gần bốn thập kỷ sau khi được giới thiệu ở Ấn Độ, thuốc trừ sâu OC thống trị cảnh. Phần lớn các thuốc bảo vệ thực vật được áp dụng là tiêu tan tại các trang web của ứng dụng thông qua quá trình suy thoái hóa học và sinh học. Tuy nhiên, một phần của thuốc uống ngừa. | Chapter 5 Distribution fate and effects of pesticides in the tropical coastal zones of India K. Raghu . Pandit . Murthy . Mohan Rao PK. Mukherjee Kale and J. Mitra INTRODUCTION India has a long coastline with an exclusive economic zone stretching out to 200 nautical miles offshore. Pesticides are used for agricultural and public health purposes and for nearly four decades after their introduction in India OC pesticides dominated the scene. Large portions of applied pesticide are dissipated at the site of application through chemical and biological degradation processes. However a fraction of the OCs reach the marine environment through canals estuaries and through a network of river systems. Because OCs are known for their persistence toxicity and bio-accumulation characteristics there is concern about their impact on the marine environment. Recently efforts have been made to substitute other classes of pesticides for these environmentally damaging compounds. Although pesticide consumption is low in India compared to other developed countries the indiscriminate use of these pesticides has resulted in sporadic observations of residues in food and the environment. After presenting an overview of Indian topography geology climate land use and principal crops grown this review chapter examines pesticide use and distribution the environmental impact of pesticides and the legislative management of pesticides in India. OVERVIEW Topography The Indian subcontinent is the middle of three irregularly shaped peninsulas which jut out southward from mainland Asia. India lies to the north of the equator between Lat 8 4 N and 37 69 N and Long. 68 7 E and 97 25 E. It is bounded on the southwest by the Arabian Sea and on the southeast by the Bay of Bengal and the southern tip is washed by the Indian Ocean. India measures 3 214 km from north to south and 2 933 km from east to west with a total land area of 3 287 263 km2. Its land frontier stretches 15 200 km and its .

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