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Task list liquid - TASK - SKILL & INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PLAN | Liquid Operation Leader Binh Duong Plant TASK - SKILL INDIVIDUAL TRAINING PLAN Job Title Liquid Operation Leader Name TASK LIST SKILL KNOWLEDGE ACTIVITIES Delivery method Trainer When Completed 1 Lead team of action plans to complete target of production -Safety QA QC PR MPSA MTBF GMP 2 Lead team to solve operational issues. 3 Manage DMS Meeting 4 Lead the prioritization of the Opeartion tasks balance system works with production 5 Manage the overall operation time sheet 6 Follow up with Department issues improvement Support team on AM PM daily weekly activities 8 Develop team charter team mission 9 Follow up the Maintenance schedule 10 Own the R E budget of the Operation 11 Staffing strategy for the Department balance permanent temporary 12 Lead the Quality 5s standards program for the Dept. 13 Investigate the loss wastage of the Dept. to have improvement Plant 14 Manage the WWT system results to make sure compliance with government regulation 15 Coordinate with DC CS Planning QA QC for total supply chain system effectiveness 16 Lead the quality program for the line standards QW problem solving . 17 Follow up the safety BOS reinforce safety behaviors 18 Make sure Initiatives delivererd on time 19 Assure the systems design and practices complied with Micro Program 20 Prepare scorecard for the Liquid area Leadership DMS Problem solving TQF DMS meeting effectiveness Leadership coaching Computer Excel overtime policy GMP DMS safety Problem solving AM PM training Chartering process with FI approach AM PM approach Budget control TDC capital management SDDS operation management A S 5s GMP . Loss analysis problem solving FI Q-Pillar WWT basic local regulation USS QW Problem solving PQM SPC TQF OFS CBT level 1 GSUM Project Management SIMPL Micro awareness Fundemental Micro Excel PR AM PM Page

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