TAILIEUCHUNG - Improvement

Entry of improvement potential, conversion of possibilities for improvement and their check for effectiveness | Qualität Ä Umwelt Management System PB-Nr M07 Improvement Process owner Hr. Bauer Hr. Mathe Process purpose and target Entry of improvement potential conversion of possibilities for improvement and their check for effectiveness Interfaces Supplier Document Process input Processes discussions Improvement potential M09 Audit report Improvement potential Customer Document Process output Process System Improvement monitoring characteristic numbers Quality Environment flow process documentation competence Smaller improvement measures which do occur during operation are immediately transferred and regarding the product quality about prescription maintenance S 07 respectively environmental industrial safety is documented by means of terms accordingly. A check of the effectiveness is not necessary here due to the small modification. Smaller improvement measures prescription maintenance special request . which are caused by complaints are documented at the form complaint handling S 11 -customer service . A check of the effectiveness is made about the further pursuit of the product in the statistic of complaints. Issed by Date of release Version Page Hr. Mathe September 2001 00 1 3 PB-Nr M07 Improvement Larger improvement measures correction and preventive measures with effects on processes or whole product areas are executed at the following operational sequence. Improvement application Improvement process Improvement action Improvement action Improvement action Documents Responsibility Meeting defining process Process responsible ARGUS Process responsible Internal Auditor Internal Auditor The formulation of target covers both technical and organizational targets and the precaution regarding possible accidents and emergency situations. The conversion of the solution measure is to be planned with point in time length of time. Issed by Hr. Mathe Date of release Version 00 Page 2 3 September 2001 PB-Nr M07 Improvement The conversion-responsible person is determined by the two

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