TAILIEUCHUNG - Barfield Raiborn Kinney Cost Accounting_7

dữ liệu dưới đây tóm tắt các hoạt động cho Công ty GreenerGrass tháng 3 năm 2001. Công ty này làm cho năm gallon chứa thuốc diệt cỏ / phân bón. Tất cả tư liệu được thêm vào đầu của quá trình này. Chi phí vật liệu tất cả hàng tồn kho hiện tại thời gian Tổng số chi phí đơn vị tất cả hàng tồn kho (30% hoàn thành, chuyển đổi) | 294 Part 2 Systems and Methods of Product Costing 36. Cost assignment Data below summarize operations for GreenerGrass Company for March 2001. The company makes five-gallon containers of weed killer fertilizer. All material is added at the beginning of the process. COSTS Material Conversion Total Beginning inventory 30 000 3 600 33 600 Current period 885 120 335 088 1 220 208 Total costs 915 120 338 688 1 253 808 UNITS Beginning inventory 30 complete-conversion 6 000 units Started 180 000 units Completed 152 000 units Ending inventory 70 complete-conversion 20 000 units Normal spoilage 4 800 units Spoilage is detected at inspection when the units are 60 percent complete. a. Prepare an EUP schedule using the weighted average method. b. Determine the cost of goods transferred out ending inventory and abnormal spoilage. 37. Cost assignment Patio Products employs a weighted average process costing system for its products. One product passes through three departments Molding Assembly and Finishing during production. The following activity took place in the Finishing Department during May 2001 Units in beginning inventory Units transferred in from Assembly Units spoiled Good units transferred out 4 200 42 000 2 100 33 600 The equivalent units and the costs per equivalent unit of production for each cost factor are as follows Cost of prior departments Raw material Conversion Total cost per EUP Raw material is added at the beginning of processing in Finishing without changing the number of units being processed. Work in Process Inventory was 70 percent complete as to conversion on May 1 and 40 percent complete as to conversion on May 31. All spoilage was discovered at final inspection. Of the total units spoiled 1 680 were within normal limits. a. Calculate the equivalent units of production. b. Determine the cost of units transferred out of Finishing. c. Determine the cost of ending Work in Process Inventory. d. The portion of the total transferred-in