TAILIEUCHUNG - A Practical Guide for Health Researchers - part 7

Compound danh từ (cụm danh từ) Ví dụ: bệnh nhân tình trạng men gan (tình trạng của các men gan ở những bệnh nhân), nghiên cứu các phương pháp phổ biến kết quả (phương pháp phổ biến kết quả nghiên cứu). | 144 A practical guide for health researchers the variation change The interpretation of the data was made to Data were interpreted or we interpreted the data . Compound nouns noun clusters . patient liver enzyme status the status of liver enzymes in patients research result dissemination methods methods of disseminating research results . Abbreviations unless they are standard and unless they are used at least ten times in the paper. Avoid abbreviations in the title and abstract. The complete term for which an abbreviation stands should precede its first use unless it is a standard unit of measurement. Sexist words Do not use the pronoun he or his when she or her would be equally appropriate. Use the plural form instead. Try to replace words such as man unless referring to a man mankind manpower policeman foreman. Dehumanizing words . referring to people as cases or subjects use patients or volunteers for example using syndromic tags for patients male female are more appropriate for animals men and women are better for human subjects. Slang and jargon words that have an arbitrary meaning . Do not confuse American and British Spelling. Follow the style prescribed by the journal. If in doubt use a good dictionary do not depend on the spell-checker in the computer which is only as good as its content . Unless otherwise requested in the journal instructions to authors Measurements of length height weight and volume should be reported in metric units metre kilogram or litre or their decimal multiples and temperatures should be given in degrees Celsius. Blood pressure should be given in millimetres of mercury. All haematological and clinical chemistry measurements should be reported in the metric system in terms ofthe International System of Units SI . Editors may request that alternative or non-SI units be added by the authors before publication. Writing a case report Reports of single cases have become less and less acceptable for publication in major .

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