TAILIEUCHUNG - The Constituents of Medicinal Plants

This is a book about plant chemistry written by a herbalist with no claims of being a chemist. Having a driving ambition to understand the nature of herbal medicines—in particular what makes them work—I delved head first into the previously alien world of atoms, molecules and bonds. Having learned enough to be engaged to teach the topic to budding herbalists and naturopaths, I set about formalising the teaching notes—the result is the original (1996) edition of this text. | 2nd edition The Constituents of Medicinal Plants An introduction to the chemistry and therapeutics of herbal medicine ANDREW PENGELLY The Constituents of Medicinal Plants Andrew Pengelly BA ND DBM DHom trained in horticulture before studying to be a herbalist and naturopath at the renowned Southern Cross Herbal School New South Wales and later studying plant biology at the University of New England. For the past 20 years he has practised as a natural therapist as well as cultivating organic herbs from which he produces a range of therapeutic products. Andrew Pengelly has lectured widely in colleges and universities throughout Australia New Zealand and the United States. He is a founding editor of the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism and a fellow of the National Herbalists Association of Australia having served many years as executive director and vice president. He is now a full-time lecturer in Herbal Therapies at the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Newcastle where he also conducts research into Australian medicinal plants. He lives in Cessnock with his wife Pauline .

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