TAILIEUCHUNG - Digital Economy: Impacts, Influences and Challenges 2005 phần 3

Riêng tư của người tiêu dùng quy định và tranh chấp: Luật sư kinh tạo giá trị trong kinh doanh điện tử. Tạp chí Quản lý chiến lược,-thương mại: tác động và thách thức chính sách. Tổ chức Hợp tác Kinh tế và Phát triển. Triển vọng kinh tế Các yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến việc | Risk and Investment in the Global Telecommunications Industry 59 development planner who can then use a portfolio approach in which high-risk investments are combined with low-risk investments to promote an investment in a developing country s telecommunications industry. Provided a developing or emerging economy can offer attractive risk and return characteristics to investors of financial capital funds from portfolio investment should not be overlooked as a source of financial investment capital. Acknowledgments We thank an anonymous reviewer and the editor for helpful comments. References Alexander C. 2001 . Market Models A Guide to Financial Data Analysis. New York John Wiley Sons. Bernstein P. 1998 . Against the Gods The Remarkable Story ofRisk. New York John Wiley Sons. Bortolotti B. D Souza J. Fantini M. and Megginson W. 2002 . Privatization and the sources of performance improvement in the global telecommunications industry. Telecommunications Policy 26 243-268. Brealey R. and Myers S. 2003 . Principles ofCorporate Finance 7th ed. . New York McGraw Hill. Campbell . Low . and Mackinlay . 1997 . The Econometrics ofFinancial Markets. Princeton Princeton University Press. Chong A. and Micco A. 2003 . The internet and the ability to innovate in Latin America. Emerging Markets Review 4 53-72. Dembo . and Freeman A. 2001 . The rules ofrisk. New York Wiley. The Economist. 1999 . Survey Telecommunications the world in your pocket. October 19 1999. The Economist. 2001 . Survey Global equity markets. May 5 2001. Estrada J. 2000 . The cost of equity in emerging markets A downside risk approach. Emerging Markets Quarterly 4 3 19-30. Estrada J. 2002 . Systematic risk in emerging markets the D-CAPM. Emerging Markets Review 3 365-379. Fama . and French . 1997 . Industry costs of equity. Journal of Financial Economics 43 153-193. Harvey C. R. 2000 . Drivers of expected returns in international markets. Emerging Markets Quarterly 4 3 32-48. Copyright 2005 .