TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts listening skill part 3

Nghe làm sao cho chính xác luôn là sự lo lắng của mọi người khi học tiếng anh. Chúng ta luôn có những cách luyện nghe tiếng anh khác nhau để cải thiện kỹ năng nghe của mình. Ielts listening skill là một phần trong việc giúp 4 ta toàn thiện kỹ năng nghe. | Section Questions 29-40 Read the passage below and answer the questions that fallow. In Thailand elephants are revered as a national symbol but even there the survival of the great mammals is at risk. A century ago more than 100 000 elephants worked in the Thai timber industry or roamed the forests. Today the number of elephants in captivity is just 2 500 and there are even fewer in the wild. Illegal hunting has taken a toll. Deforestation and the banning of logging have removed the elephants chief source of employment. Recently on the site of a former government logging camp the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre has been established. It is home to more than one hundred elephants retrenched from the logging industry. An American elephant specialist and his team have come up with an ingenious career alternative for these redundant employees. A select group of the Centre s residents have been chosen to play in the world s first Elephant Orchestra. The project was initiated to create unique music but more importantly to generate income for the operation of the Elephant Conservation Centre. OThe orchestra currently has twelve members selected for their musical aptitude and motivation. They are aged seven to eighteen and play a variety of percussion and wind instruments in the Thai tradition renats which look like xylophones slit drums harmonicas a bow bass a gong and a thundersheet. The instruments are elephant-sized and specially designed to be played with trunks. Early in the project the organisers were unsure how the elephants would respond to musical training. Then one morning they were awakened to the sound of harmonicas. The elephants had picked up the instruments on their own and were wandering through the forest playing enthusiastically. Making music comes naturally to elephants. They have huge brains and are highly sociable creatures. Their hearing is much better than their sight and they use a wide range of vocalisations. In performance they stand in a line

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