TAILIEUCHUNG - What Are Their Choices in Today's Labor Market?

Conclusions derived from Focus Groups of P&G employees interested in potential P&G dot-com work: | Guide to Retaining Employees What Are Their Choices in Today s Labor Market P G vs. Career Alternative Conclusions derived from Focus Groups of P G employees interested in potential P G dotcom work Attraction of P G Career Attraction of Dot-Com Career P G has the world s best training ground. Want to get experience in this space - good resume fodder even multi-dot-com experience is considered a good thing on resumes . Exciting leading edge work with consumers - P G examples are the case studies in marketing class for brand management. Changes the world - get in on the leading edge of the new economy Long term career development - high investment Be an entrepreneur - would take a 50 cut in pay in developing individuals. to get away from the P G bureaucracy. Looking for a fundamental difference in the way work gets done. Balanced life style - work-life integration time with family friends reasonable work hours. Location - exciting places to work Boston Seattle San Francisco New York vs. Cincinnati . Career Choices MBA s Perceptions of Career Tradeoffs Consulting Consumer Products PRO S CON S PRO S CON S High pay Great perks Intellectual challenge Young environment Do important work Just like B-school On the road 4 days wk 60-hour weeks Never get to drive up or out Decent pay Decent perks Great training Run your own business Good lifestyle Decent hours Lifetime employement Dull location No get rich oppty May not like brands Bureaucratic Career growth slow Entrepreneurship pre-95 Entrepreneurship post-2000 PRO S CON S PRO S CON S No bosses Great challenge High payout potential Drive right now 70-hr weeks No training High risk High pressure Under-market pay High barriers to entry Unsexy businesses No bosses Market pay Anybody can do it Huge upside potential Gobs of financing Sexiest of businesses Ton of responsibility Just like B-school 70-hr weeks No training High pressure MBA View of a Career The calculus of pursuing an entrepreneurial path has .

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