TAILIEUCHUNG - Quản lý và thực hiện các dự án Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - p 24

Sau khi yêu cầu người sử dụng đã được tập hợp và chi tiết các yêu cầu kiểm tra đã được hình thành, chúng có thể được ưu tiên. Nếu bạn nhận được một chủ đề định kỳ của "Xác nhận rằng Excel Dịch vụ kết nối với các bảng tính cho Sở X" trình theo yêu cầu người sử dụng, tốc độ và hiệu suất của Excel dịch vụ nên được kiểm tra. | 206 Chapter 12 Producing the System Specification After user requirements have been gathered and detailed test requirements have been formulated these can be prioritized. If you get a recurring theme of Confirm that Excel Services connect to the spreadsheet for Department X submitted as user requirements the speed and performance of Excel Services should be tested. Of course there will be detailed tests however these should be designed as tasks relevant to the implementation of the requirement not added to the System Specification document. This is because as pointed out earlier the System Specification document points to subsets of SharePoint which in themselves are defined as separate tasks with their own test schedules. The Test Requirements section of the System Specification should detail the kinds of tests I discuss next assuming it is a high-level document related to the implementation of SharePoint 2010. Note It is very important to test the database layer of SharePoint the SQL layer because this represents a significant portion of SharePoint performance and is likely if left unchecked to present latency issues. Upgrading from 32-Bit to 64-Bit For those upgrading to SharePoint 2010 from a SharePoint 2007 32-bit environment you should be aware that in the 64-bit version you must still carry out additional tests to identify performance issues. For example you should include the following as test requirements Confirm paging loads on the Web front-end servers. If this is high consider adding memory as required to those servers. Confirm the recycling of the application pool and test to find out whether there is a possibility of fragmentation because this will help reduce the potential impact of Web parts overconsuming memory. Chapter 12 Get your users to understand the principles of large lists through governance education and training programs . This has been addressed in SharePoint 2010 with the addition of the Large List Throttling feature mentioned earlier .