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Kế hoạch và kiểm soát là một quá trình đòi hỏi thông tin liên lạc tốt, cả trong đội quản lý dự án và trên tổ chức đó là cài đặt Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Chúng tôi bây giờ sẽ thảo luận về cách sử dụng các thủ tục thống nhất sẽ làm cho quá trình này dễ quản lý. | CHAPTER 4 SharePoint Planning and Control Start As You Mean to Go All SharePoint 2010 Projects Must Be Planned and Controlled to Ensure The Project Manager s Key Procedures for SharePoint 2010 Design Manage the Configuration of SharePoint Planning and control is a process that requires good communications both within the project manager s team and across the organization that s installing Microsoft SharePoint 2010. We re now going to discuss how using uniform procedures will make this process easy to manage. Planning and control are as much an issue for small SharePoint 2010 install projects as large ones. Experience shows that small projects are more likely to overrun their budgets time constraints scope or a combination of all of these. This can be caused by any of several factors including company priorities or the inability of the project manager to control the implementation project. The key to planning the SharePoint implementation is control. Without this scopes will change the resources will be unmanaged and the work schedule will be ignored. The planning and control process commences at the bidding proposal phase of the project. Remember the Project Startup Checklist back in Chapter 3 Content of Your SharePoint 2010 Project Plan You re going to need it now. See Figure 3-2. Using the first section of the checklist Review Contract Requirements and Terms and Conditions you have already addressed the following issues through your initial strategy meetings with the client Commercial aspects You are clear on the budget the client s willingness to spend on the contract and you have documented and agreed upon the financial risks. You have a rough idea of the worth of your SharePoint instance because you have carried out a cost-benefit analysis. 67 68 Chapter 4 SharePoint Planning and Control Start As You Mean to Go Technical aspects You have an understanding of the organization s current technical .