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SharePoint Site. "Các khách hàng đã yêu cầu nhiệm vụ này đòi hỏi người dùng có thể vận hành các trang web có liên quan. Điều này có nghĩa là người dùng cần phải được đào tạo trước khi sử dụng sản xuất mới SharePoint trang web, và họ sẽ cần phải được đào tạo bởi nhà thầu phụ. | 56 Chapter 3 Content of Your SharePoint 2010 Project Plan Chapter 3 SharePoint Site. The client has requested that this task requires that the users can operate the relevant site. This means the users need to be trained before using the new production SharePoint site and they will need to be trained by the subcontractor. Therefore the Launch Production SharePoint Site task has an external dependency called Train Users that is the responsibility of the subcontractor. Timeframes must be allowed for client authorization of project documentation. As you saw in this chapter there are already several sets of documentation that require creation and the last phase of the project Operate requires review and sign-off by the client for example Quality Plan Project Plan User Requirements System Specification and so on . Typical examples of external dependencies for SharePoint 2010 include Server procurement process Communication Room availability as well as building facilities availability Disaster-recovery planning including geographical and time-difference factors Security constraints for example access to data centers access to the client building access to resources for the project team for example desktops laptops or any equipment provided by the client Third-party software lead time and installation Assumptions and Restrictions No plan can be produced without some basic assumptions being made or some restrictions being imposed. This section details typical assumptions and restrictions. In the Project Plan you should provide to both management and staff visibility of factors that have an impact on the project s ability to meet customer requirements. The client must agree to the assumptions on which the program is based by authorizing the Project Plan in advance of its execution. Figure 3-3 shows what these assumptions might look like in a SharePoint 2010 Project Plan. Assumptions and restrictions are likely to cover technical and management aspects of the project and can