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Khi thực hiện Microsoft SharePoint 2010, là chìa khóa để thành công là để giữ cho mọi thứ đơn giản. Theo kinh nghiệm của tôi, đại diện doanh nghiệp trong nhóm, những người đang vui mừng về SharePoint từ các cuộc biểu tình của bạn và SharePoint | CHAPTER 8 SharePoint Customization When to Customize SharePoint 2010 and Some Reasons for Doing Development Environment Examining the Development Development Additional When to Customize SharePoint 2010 and Some Reasons for Doing It When implementing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 the key to success is to keep things simple. In my experience the business representatives on the team who are excited about SharePoint from your demonstrations and SharePoint project mantra are likely to go for looks as the top priority when developing an internal SharePoint presence. There are many references and lots of information online and in paperback concerning branding customization programming and automation. Coding enhancements in SharePoint are also a major plus because they show the level of modifications that can be applied to this technology but they can also bring countless disadvantages if not carefully controlled and prioritized. Implementation of SharePoint invariably includes customization additions modifications and enhancements. You must be sure to prioritize these as part of user requirements client requirements or both. Your SharePoint 2010 Project Plan needs to package this SharePoint customization work into Work Breakdown Structures WBSs and apply them as part of the Design and Build phases of the project. Even if you are not going to customize SharePoint to the point that it requires a developer to add functionality you must make certain the client understands what is required in terms of technical and human resources to customize SharePoint. Acquiring the right amount of equipment and the correct personnel to carry out the relevant tasks is absolutely vital for success. When faced with implementing SharePoint I am usually gifted with a horde of development requirements from the customer. Sometimes the customer is familiar with SharePoint in detail and has seen demonstrations. The Web developers