TAILIEUCHUNG - Dissertation summary: Export development of some key agricultural products in the industrialization and modernization of Vietnam

Objectives of research: To clarify the scientific base (both theoretically and practically) for recommended solutions to development of export of some key agricultural products of Vietnam in the industrialization and modernization until 2020 and with a vision to 2030. | MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE INSTITUTE FOR TRADE NGUYEN THI CHI EXPORT DEVELOPMENT OF SOME KEY AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS IN THE INDUSTRIALIZATION AND MODERNIZATION OF VIETNAM Major Commercial COde SUMMARY OF PhD THESIS IN ECONOMICS Hanoi - 2015 El la THE THESIS WAS COMPLETED AT THE INSTITUTE FOR TRADE - MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND TRADE Scientific Supervisor 1. Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Van Lich Institute for Trade 2. Associate Professor Dr. Hoang Van Hoan Politics Institute Zone I The thesis shall be defended before the institute-level Thesis Assessment Committee at the Institute for Trade - Ministry of Industry and Trade Address 46 Ngo Quyen - Hanoi. At . hour . date . month . year 201. The thesis can be found for further study at 1. Hanoi National Library 2. Library of Institute for Trade il f 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Rationale For 30 years of renovation Vietnam s agriculture has undergone remarkable improvements from a country importing food in the 1980s Vietnam has developed into one of the world s leading countries in exporting some key agricultural products. Thanks to products diversification policy agricultural production has made outstanding steps forward creating a large quantity of agricultural products and integrating in the international market. Along with the objective of successful implementation of the country s industrialization and modernization strategies Vietnam has been accelerating agricultural development towards large-scale production and application of sciedntific and technological advancements to production in order to improve the quality and added value of agricultural products. However Vietnam s agricultural exports have faced such challenges as fiercer and fiercer pressure for competition due to lower competitiveness than the world in various aspects including production capacity processing industry quality price etc. which leads to the fact that most exports are raw products low added value .

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