TAILIEUCHUNG - ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER – focus on biomass Market drivers, technologies, and products

Some physical qualities include soil density, permeability, porosity, temperature, thermal conductivity and heat capacity. These properties dictate how the biological micro organisms which feed on the plant organic matter survive. For example the penetration of heat, water and other essential organic residue depends on the density of the soil. Bio energy crops with their extensive and heavy root system have an essential role to play here. In addition to increasing the soil carbon content they can improve soil density and porosity. . | ẠTỌRiTL Pulp Paper ANDRITZ PULP PAPER - focus on biomass Market drivers technologies and products IANDRITZ Capital Market Days 2009 Contents ANDRITZ PULP PAPER - overview Biomass and market drivers ANDRITZ s products in biomass Summary and conclusions ATORiTL 2 ANDRITZ PULP PAPER - Capital Market Days 2009 Spain Pulp Paper Full line supplier ANDRITZ PULP PAPER business lines Customers Main products Pulp mills Complete lines for chemical mechanical and recycled fiber production. Paper mills Complete lines for tissue and board. Stock preparation and approach flow. Power generating industry Bubbling fluidized bed boilers for bio-fuels. Biomass gasifiers ẠTỌR1TL Pulp Paper 3 ANDRITZ PULP PAPER - Capital Market Days 2009 .

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