TAILIEUCHUNG - Color Atlas of Ophthamology

In the assessment of a patient with eye disease, it is important to take a good history, examine the eyes with adequate illumination and test the visual function. Recently, retinal and macular diseases have become more common as causes of severe visual loss. In these cases, a fundal examination with dilatation of the pupils in a darkened room is necessary. | Color Atlas of Ophthamology Third Edition Arthur Lint stew Ming and lan J. Constable World Science CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 EXAMINATION .1 CHAPTER 2 LID LACRIMAL APPARATUS AND CHAPTER 3 CONJUNCTIVA SCLERA AND CHAPTER 4 LENS AND CHAPTER 5 UVEAL TRACT RETINA AND VITREOUS .65 CHAPTER 6 OCULAR MANIFESTATIONS OF SYSTEMIC CHAPTER 7 CHAPTER 8 EYE DISEASES IN CHAPTER 9 OCULAR CHAPTER 10 REFRACTIVE CHAPTER 11 OPHTHALMIC This Page Intentionally Left .

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