TAILIEUCHUNG - Before and after Radical Prostate Surgery

Before and After Radical Prostate Surgery is a research-based, comprehensive, and comprehensible resource on prostate surgery in Canada. Aimed at men with concerns about prostate surgery and their partners, this invaluable guide includes chapters on preparing for prostate surgery, the surgery itself, recovery in hospital and at home, a list of recommended resources, and special sections to record personal notes and important contact information. | Before and After Radica Drơstate Surgery Information and Resource Guide Virginia Vanda Il-Walker RN PhD with Katherine Moore RN PhD and Diane Pyne RN MHS 2008 Virginia Vandall-Walker Katherine Moore Diane Pyne Published by AU Press Athabasca University 1200 10011 - 109 Street Edmonton AB T5J 3S8 Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication Vandall-Walker Virginia 1950- Before and after radical prostate surgery information and resource guide Virginia Vandall-Walker Katherine Moore Diane Pyne. Issued also in electronic format. ISBN 978-1-897425-17-6 1. Prostate-Cancer-Surgery-Popular works. 2. Patient education. I. Moore Katherine N. Katherine Nancy 1946- II. Pyne Diane 1956- III. Title. 2008 463 C2008-905567-5 Printed and bound in Canada by AGMV Marquis Cover and book design by Alex Chan Studio Reface Illustrations by Dwight Allott This publication is licensed under a Creative Commons License see . The text may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes provided credit is given to the original authors. Please contact AU Press Athabasca University at aupress@ for permission beyond the usage outlined in the Creative Commons license. You can order additional copies of this guide online at TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 3 BEFORE SURGERY AT HOME 5 Who is a Candidate for Radical Prostate Surgery 6 What is a Radical Prostatectomy 6 The Types of Procedures Used 7 What Can You Do While Waiting 12 Suggested Questions for You and Your Partner 16 to Ask Your Urologist BEFORE SURGERY IN HOSPITAL 19 The Pre-Admission Clinic 20 THE SURGERY 23 What You Can Expect 24 AFTER SURGERY IN HOSPITAL 25 When Surgery is Over Then What 26 Tips to Help Avoid Problems After Surgery 30 Going Home 32 AFTER SURGERY AT HOME 35 Care of Your Incision 38 The Catheter 40 Urinary Incontinence 45 Erectile Dysfunction 48 Follow-Up with Your Urologist 49 Back to Work 49 Your Partner Family 49 CLOSING WORDS 50 .

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