TAILIEUCHUNG - Báo cáo khoa học: " Biogeography of Matsucoccus josephi Bodenheimer et Harpaz in Crete and mainland Greece"

Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp quốc tế đề tài: " Biogeography of Matsucoccus josephi Bodenheimer et Harpaz in Crete and mainland Greece. | Ann Sci For 1993 50 383-388 Elsevier INRA 383 Original article Biogeography of Matsucoccus josephi Bodenheimer et Harpaz in Crete and mainland Greece z Mendel G Schiller Departments of Entomology and Field Crops and Natural Resources Agricultural Research Organization The Volcani Center Bet Dagan 50250 Israel Received 2 October 1992 accepted 16 March 1993 Summary Surveys have been conducted in natural and planted stands of brutia pine Pinus bru-tia Ten subsp brutia and Aleppo pine P halepensis Mill to ascertain the possible occurrence of Israeli pine bast scale Matsucoccus josephi Bodenheimer et Harpaz Homoptera Matsucoccidae and its typical associates in mainland Greece and on the islands of Thasos and Crete. Our findings show that in mainland Greece between 21-24 longitude E M josephi is absent from both brutia pine and Aleppo pine. The absence of M Joseph from brutia pine in Chalkidiki and the island of Thasos raises the possibility that the tree has been introduced by man without the scale insect the introduction by seed from Asia Minor could have been made for the production of honeydew by Marchalina helleni-ca Gennadius Homoptera Margarodidae whose excretions are the main source of honey in those areas. The occurrence of M josephi in Turkey and Crete and its absence from Aleppo pine in mainland Greece tend to confirm that brutia pine is the principal host of the scale. Brutia pine and M Joseph could have migrated together via the remnants of the land bridge connecting southeast Anatolia to Crete some 4-5 million years ago. Matsucoccus Joseph I Pinus brutia I Pinus halepensis I Greece Crete Résumé La biogéographie de Matsucoccus Joseph Bodenheimer et Harpaz en Crete et Grèce continentale. Des visites ont été conduites en Grèce continentale et dans les lies de Thasos et Crete dans des peuplements autochtones et artificials de pin brutia Pinus brutia Ten subsp bru-tia et pin d Alep P halepensis Mill pour verifier la presence éventuelle du M josephi Bodenheimer .

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