ĐỀ THI LỚP 10 CHUYÊN CỦA SƯ PHẠM HÀ NỘI- dành cho các bạn lớp 9 muốn thử sức mình trước kỳ thi TN THCS | BE THI LO P 10 CHUYEN CUA SV PHAM HA NQI I Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences. 11. What a nice day Let s go for a picnic _shall we A. will we B. do you C. shall we D. don t you 12. John gets good marks _which pleases his parents. A. that B. which C. they D. it 13. The fewer bags you take the less trouble you will have en route. A. the fewer B. the little C. the less D. the least 14. This house needs_repainting. A. to repaint B. repainted C. to be repainting D. repainting have just bought a nice brown leather belt. A. a brown nice leather belt B. a nice leather brown belt C. brown a leather nice belt D. a nice brown leather belt 16. Either I or John_has taken the keys to the car. A. has taken B. have taken C. has been taken D. have been taken 17. The doctor was attending__to the sick A. by B. to C. over D. with 18. Never put__off till tomorrow what you can do today. A. over B. off C. back D. away 19. Had we known your father was in hospital we would have gone to see him. A. Had we known B. If we have known C. If we knew D. We had known 20. That leaves turn color and fall to the ground is a sign of winter. A. That leaves B. Leaves C. When leaves D. If leaves 21. Hardly had we sat down at the table when the phone rang. A. Hardly we had sat down B. Hardly had we sat down C. No sooner we had sat down D. No sooner had we sat down 22. Your friendly attitude makes__it easier for you to socialize. A. easier B. easier it C. it easier D. more easily 23. We d better not waste water or else we don t have enough to drink sooner or later. A. only if B. or else C. as soon as D. in case 24. Only a few movies shown on this channel are suitable for children. A. show B. showing C. shown D. are shown 25. She was as patient a teacher as anyone could have had. A. as patient teacher B. a patient a teacher C. as patient as teacher D. as patient a teacher II. Read the text below and look carefully at each line. If a line is correct put a tick by the .

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