TAILIEUCHUNG - Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques Lab VIEW Tutorial Part 3

Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques Lab VIEW Tutorial Part 3 | PHY 406 - Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques PHY 406 - Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques LabVIEW Tutorial - Part III Going Forward and Round and Round While Loops and Switches We are now going to progress with our LabVIEW by learning how to loop a VI and stop it in a civilised manner. The loop we will use is a WHILE loop which runs round and round as long as a control variable is true . In order not to tax things too much we will re-use the VI we made last time and put it in a loop so that we can keep changing the inputs and see the outputs changing. We will also adopt the practice of having a nice switch to stop the VI when we are ready. If you are continuing from the previous example then you already have the right screens in front of you if not restart LabVIEW and bring that practice VI up again. Some thoughts on modifying things so that you add to them and getting them saved properly. I have found that if you want to take a VI and then upgrade it to be saved under a new name the best thing to do is to save it under the new name now. The reason for this is that I have a habit of saving things from time to time as I reach plateaus of functionality or get more worried about how much I will lose if the system crashes or the power dies. If I have the VI saved it under the new name now I only have to save from there on - I don t need to remember to save as the first time - which I always forget and then overwrite the original VI. So if you agree with my philosophy now is the time to save this VI under a new name We now need to put all this in a loop on the block diagram. Using the select tool find the while loop under functions structures. Start by moving to the upper left of the digram and the holding the left button down drag the loop out until it encloses everything. This is the only time you can do this - you can t arbitrarily enclose compenents at any other time - they should be created either inside or outside the loop structure . Notice the two squares