TAILIEUCHUNG - An Introduction to the Mekong Fisheries of Thailand

Thailand is blessed with an abundance of marine and freshwater resources. In 2002 it ranked in the top-ten fishing nations of the world. Thailand is also recognised for the advances it has made in developing its aquaculture sector. Capture fisheries and aquaculture in the Thai portion of the Lower Mekong Basin are a major component of these aquatic resources. It has been estimated from fish consumption studies that the average annual yield of inland fish is around 795,000 tonnes. At a conservative first sale price, of about US$1/kg, the freshwater fisheries of the Mekong in Thailand are worth about US$700 million per year. Marketing and value-adding would increase. | ISSN 1680-4023 An Introduction to the Mekong Fisheries of Thailand Mekong Development Series May 2007 Mekong River Commission An Introduction to the Mekong Fisheries of Thailand Mekong Development Series No. 5 May 2007 Published in Vientiane in May 2007 by the Mekong River Commission. This document should be cited as Oopatham Pawaputanon Na Mahasarakarm 2007. An Introduction to the Mekong Fisheries of Thailand. Mekong Development Series No. 5 Mekong River Commission Vientiane Lao PDR. 54 Pages Copyright Mekong River Commission Secretariat . Box 6101 184 Fa Ngoum Road Unit 18 Ban Sithane Neua Sikhottabong District Vientiane 01000 Lao PDR Email mrcs@ Tel 856 21 263 263 Series Editor Dr Tim Burnhill Photos Joe Garrison Kent G. Hortle Oopatham Pawaputanon Suchart Ingthamjitr Ubolratana Suntornratana Viratham Thongpan and Decha Rodrarung Maps Huon Rath and Alounyadeth Banouvong Design and Layout Phannavanh Anoulack and Suchart Ingthamjitr The opinions and ideas expressed within are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Mekong River Commission. Acknowledgements This document was prepared with financial assistance from the Government of Denmark through Danida by staff of the Thai Department of Fisheries and the Mekong River Commission Secretariat and other sources as acknowledged. I am grateful to Dr Chris Barlow for making this project possible. Dr Suchart Ingthamjitr Dr Chumnarn Pongsri and Miss Chamaiporn Choongan read and corrected drafts of the document. Officers of Thai Department of Fisheries provided useful .

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