USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) projects that average per capita food consumption for 67 low-income countries will increase in the next decade. ERS also projects that the number of people failing to meet their nutritional requirements will decline from 774 million in 2000 to 694 million in 2010, providing an improved outlook for global food security. But the gains are not uniform across countries and in many food insecurity will probably intensify. | United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service GFA-12 December 2000 Report Coordinator Shahla Shapouri Stacey Rosen Principal Contributors Birgit Meade Stacey Rosen Shahla Shapouri Abebayehu Tegene Michael Trueblood Keith Wiebe Technical Editor Lindsay Mann Production Design Wynnice Pointer-Napper Victor Phillips Jr. Cover Photo FAO Niger by P Cenini Approved by the World Agricultural Outlook Board. Summary released December 7 2000. Summary and full report may be accessed electronically via the ERS web site at http INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURE AND TRADE REPORTS FOOD SECURITY ASSESSMENT Situation and Outlook Series Contents Summary .3 Global Food Security Regional Summaries North Sub-Saharan Africa SSA .14 Latin America and the Caribbean LAC .20 New Independent States NIS .22 Special Articles Resource Quality Agricultural Productivity and Food Security in Developing Vulnerability to HIV AIDS in Sub-Saharan Boxes How Food Security Is Data and Methods .28 Country Statistical Tables .35 List of Tables .76 List of Figures .78 Preface This report continues the series of food assessments begun in the late 1970s. Global Food Assessments were done from 1990 to 1992 hence the GFA series. In 1993 the title was changed to Food Aid Needs Assessment to more accurately reflect the contents of the report which focuses on selected developing countries with past or continuing food deficits. In 1997 we widened our analysis beyond the assessment of aggregate food availability to include more aspects of food security. We therefore changed the title to Food Security Assessment. Acknowledgments Appreciation is extended to Neil Conklin Director of the Market and Trade Economics Division for his support of the food security work and to Cheryl Christensen for valuable comments on the articles. We would also like to thank the reviewers especially Mary Bohman Joy Harwood Carol Goodloe