TAILIEUCHUNG - Introducing Windows Azure- P37

Introducing Windows Azure- P37:The cloud platform is getting more and more attractive to the computing world. Today, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and aspect-oriented programming (AOP) techniques are widely used in enterprise solutions. A question an IT management team or a software development team may ask is, what is the next trend going to be? Cloud computing seems to be the right answer. | CHAPTER 5 AZURE .NET SERVICES ACCESS CONTROL Table 5-1. Class Definition in FederateAccessManager Assembly Class Derived From Override Input Parameters Output UserRegister Service ServiceCredentials CloneCore Credentials CreateSecurity TokenManager SecurityTokenManager UserRegister Security TokenManager ServiceCredentials SecurityTokenManager CreateSecurity TokenAuthenticator SecurityToken Requirement SecurityToken Authenticator SecurityTokenResolver UserRegister Token Authenticator SamlSecurityToken Authenticator ValidateTokenCore SecurityToken ReadOnlyCollection IAuthorizationPlicy The UserRegisterServiceCredentials class is derived from ServiceCredentials and accepts the name of the corresponding Azure solution and overrides two methods of its base class CloneCore and CreateSecurityTokenManager . At runtime the certificate that has been installed on a local device and registered from Azure Access Control will be assigned to the instance of this class. The type of the ServiceCredentials class must be specified when you instantiate a service host instance and an instance of the UserRegisterServiceCredentials class needs to be added to the host behaviors collection after the host has been instantiated. The responsibility of the class UserRegisterTokenAuthenticator is to communicate to the Access Control Service to validate the security token for authentication. This class is used by the UserRegisterSecurityTokenManager class. Listing 5-13. Implementations for Class UserRegisterServiceCredentials using System using using namespace public class UserRegisterServiceCredentials ServiceCredentials String solutionName public UserRegisterServiceCredentials String solutionName base solutionName protected override ServiceCredentials CloneCore 158 CHAPTER 5 AZURE .NET SERVICES ACCESS CONTROL return new UserRegisterServiceCredentials solutionName .

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