TAILIEUCHUNG - Java Programming for absolute beginner- P25

Java Programming for absolute beginner- P25:Hello and welcome to Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner. You probably already have a good understanding of how to use your computer. These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t, given the importance of computers in today’s world. Learning to control your computer intimately is what will separate you from the pack! By reading this book, you learn how to accomplish just that through the magic of programming. | 2 25 03 8 58 AM Page 438 k 0 c c 0 2 V Creating the Package From this point on this chapter gets a bit code heavy. The javadoc comments take up a lot of space but you will see that the end result is well worth the effort. Not just so you have documentation for the package but also because you will get a good feel for creating your own documentation while you copy the source files. 0 a c E E s k a o k a s s Creating the JPRComponent3D Class Here is the source code listing for the first class you re going to create for the package JPRComponent by the way jpr doesn t really stand for anything they re just my initials . package import . A Lightweight component whose borders can be drawn to make itself look sunk raised or flat. @author Joseph P. Russell version public abstract class JPRComponent3D extends Component Indicates to draw this component flat not raised or sunk . An etched border will be drawn but will appear flat. public final static int FLAT 0 Indicates to draw this component to appear raised from its parent. public final static int RAISED 1 Indicates to draw this component to appear to be sunk into its parent. public final static int SUNK 2 The width of the edges. protected int magnitude where magnitude is 1 and inner area is only one pixel protected final static int ABSOLUTE_MIN_WIDTH 5 protected final static int ABSOLUTE_MIN_HEIGHT 5 protected int current_appearance protected Color shadow dkshadow highlight lthighlight The color to be used as the control color. This color will affect the other colors used to make the component appear to be three team Line - live informative Nan-cast and Genuine Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. 2 25 03 8 58 AM Page 439 dimensional. The default value is code code . protected Color control Gets the appearance of this code .