TAILIEUCHUNG - Introdungcing English language part 25

Introdungcing English language part 25: 'In this exciting new textbook, Louise Mullany and Peter Stockwell have provided a fresh and imaginative set of alternatives for teaching and learning a huge amount about the English language. The book allows tor creative and lateral approaches to developing an understanding of important linguistic concepts and, together with the thought-provoking activities, and accessible readings, guarantees there is something to stimulate every learner. | C3 130 EXPLORATION INVESTIGATING ENGLISH LANGUAGE Analyse Colleen McCants text below to ascertain the norms and conventions of appropriate polite communication in Second Life. You should consider the following What pragmatic linguistic features does she draw attention to What evidence of Leech s 1983 and Brown and Levinson s 1987 politeness strategies from B3 can you find in this training tutorial Include in this an analysis of the broader communicative contextual features including advice on body language and physical positioning of avatars. How are these politeness norms for Second Life similar different to face-to-face interaction Politeness in Second Life McCants 2009 Tutorial overview Use these guidelines to learn about Second Life etiquette. . . . Don t walk into other avatars Bumping into others or in general clumsy navigation and communication are to be expected from new avatars. A simple Sorry I m new will soften the response of others. Don t be mistaken for a troublemaker . griefer who has no intention of respecting residents or you may find yourself barred from some regions. Practise navigating your avatar around with the keyboard controls and you will soon be able to avoid clumsy collisions. Don t ask for a resident s real life details . gender or name This is generally considered rude and won t make you any friends When you visit the University of Nottingham s Web Campus you are welcome to ask whether a person is associated with the University and information may be volunteered at this point however you are not entitled to know. To find out if anyone from the IS Learning team is on the island click on the telephone box in the sandbox area and you will be given a list of avatar names. Don t make too much noise Avoid shouting or speaking in CAPITAL LETTERS in local chat. If someone asks you to go away or seems to be ignoring you don t keep on pestering them. If you are using Voice remember to turn off your microphone when you are listening. No one

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