Another alternative often considered for power augmentation and/or to simply minimize the impact of ambient temperature effects is the use of inlet air chillers. Depending upon power plant economics—in conjunction with ambient temperature and plant load profiles—chillers can afford substantial economic value. This alternative cools the incoming air, thus increasing the output relative to the gain available with an evaporative cooler. Frequently, the energy for cooling can be supplied by a mechanical or absorption refrigeration system that receives its steam from a low-pressure section in the gas turbine heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). For the diluent-injected LM6000, the normal decrease in power output at ambient temperatures less than about 50°F (10°C). | BANK NOTE PAPER MILL INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A Joint venture of SPMCIL - A Govt. of India Enterprise and BRBNMPL - A Subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India Corporate Office Bangalore 560 029 RECRUITMENT IN EXECUTIVE AND NON-EXECUTIVE CADRE EMPLOYEMENT NOTIFICATION 2012-2013 The Company invites applications for recruitment to various Technical Non-Technical posts for its upcoming Bank Note Paper Mill at Mysore and Corporate Office Bangalore as under Sl. No. Name of the Post Approx. No. of vacancies Execut ive Cadre 01 Deputy General Manager 01 02 Assistant General Manager 04 03 Manager 07 04 Deputy Manager 07 05 Assistant Manager 26 06 Engineer Officer 42 6 a Officer Graphics Fine Arts Visual Arts 03 Non-Executive Cadre Industrial Workmen 07 Senior Grade IV 10 08 Senior Grade III 33 09 Junior Grade II 34 10 Junior Grade I 73 Further details please visit Company s website Last date for receipt of application Interested Candidates may visit periodically our website for any subsequent corrigendum addendum relating to this advt. recruitment that will be hosted. NOTE HERE UNDER For ON-LINE APPLICATION AND ON-LINE TEST AND ASSESSEMENT PLEASE VISIT PART-A For OFF-LINE APPLICATION AND OFF-LINE ASSESSEMENT PLEASE VISIT PART-B HERE UNDER About the company the proiect THE PLACE OF WORK AND PROSPECT COMPANY Bank Note Paper Mill India Private Limited BNPMIPL is a 50 50 Joint Venture between Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited SPMCIL - A Government of India Enterprise New Delhi and Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited BRBNMPL - A wholly owned subsidiary of RBI Bangalore incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 having its Registered and Corporate Office at Bangalore and project site at Mysore Karnataka. Ministry of Finance Government of India as an anti-counterfeiting measure decided that India should develop its own facility to manufacture Currency paper and directed SPMCIL and BRBNMPL to establish

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