TAILIEUCHUNG - Five Hundred and Seven Mechanical Movements Episode 13

Tham khảo tài liệu 'five hundred and seven mechanical movements episode 13', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Mechanical Movements. 115 475. Bilge ejector Brear s patent for discharging bilgewater froni vessels or tor raising and forcing Water under various circumstances. 1 is a chamber having attached a suction-pipe. B. and discharge-pipe c and having a steam- pipe entering at one side with a nozzie directed toward the ị discharge-pipe. A jet of steam entering through A expels tile air irom D and c produces a vacuum in B and causes water to rise through B and pass through D and c in a regular and constant stream. Compressed air may be used as a substitute for steam. bottom of the tank. As gas enters vessel A rises and vice versa. The pressure is regulated by adding to or reducing the Weights c c. 480. Another kind of gasometer. The vessel A has permanently secured w ithin it a central tube a which slides on a fixed tube Z in the center of the tank. 476. Another apparatus operating on the same principle as the foregoing. It is termed ạ steam siphon pump Lansdell s patent . A is the jet-pipe B. B are two suction-pipes. having a forked connection with the dischargepipe c. The steam jet-pipe entering at the fork offers no obstacle to the upward passage of the water which moves upward in an unbroken current. 477. Steam trap for shutting in steam but providing for the escape of water from steam coils and radiators Hoard Wiggin s patent . It consists of a box. connected at A with the End of the coil or the waste-pipe having an outlet at B and furnished with a hollow- valve L the bottom of w hich is composed of a flexible diaphragm. Valve is filled with liquid and hermetically sealed and its diaphragm rests upon a bridge over the outlet-pipe. The presence of steam in the outer box so heats the water in valve that the diaphragm expands and raises valve up to the seat rt a. Water of condensation accumulating reduces the temperature of valve and as the liquid in valve contracts diaphragm allows valve to descend and let waler off. 478. Another steam trap Ray s patent . Valve a closes

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