Tương tác của Phế liệu dầu trong đất Patagonia Sorption của các hợp chất kỵ nước để các chất rắn tự nhiên là yếu tố chi phối, kiểm soát vận chuyển, phân hủy sinh học của họ, và độc tính. Nghiên cứu về tương tác sorptive giữa các hợp chất là điều cần thiết, với sự phổ biến của các trang web trong môi trường chất gây ô nhiễm nhiều cùng tồn tại [1]. Sự phát triển của các mối quan hệ sorption cân bằng thích hợp cho các chất ô nhiễm hữu cơ do con người gây ra với đất. | 9 Interaction of Oil Residues in Patagonian Soil NORMA S. NUDELMAN University of Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina STELLA MARIS RIOS National University of Patagonia Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina I. SORPTION BEHAVIOR The sorption of hydrophobic compounds to natural solids is the dominant factor controlling their transport biodegradation and toxicity. The study of sorptive interactions between compounds is essential given the prevalence of sites in the environment where multiple contaminants coexist 1 . The development of appropriate equilibrium sorption relationships for anthropogenic organic contaminants with soils and sediments is important to predict the extent of solid-water interactions in the environment 2 . In dry low-organic-matter soils such as Patagonian soil sorption of nonpolar organics would likely be dominated by adsorption onto mineral surfaces particularly clays. Since it is almost impossible to carry out sorption experiments for each field condition the development of laboratory methodologies that gather information on this subject is essential 3-5 . The behavior of sorption of oil in environments affected by oil exploitation is complex and difficult to predict with the current state of knowledge. The quantification of this phenomenon could in principle be aided by applying some well-known models from physical chemistry. Although they cannot be directly extrapolated to complex systems they do constitute an approach however approximate to the quantitative explanation of the problem 3 . As an example the dual-mode partition hole-filling model of soil organic matter SOM as a heterogeneous polymer-like sorbent of hydrophobic compounds predicts that a competing solute will accelerate diffusion of the primary solute by blocking the holes allowing the principal solute to move faster through the SOM matrix. Thus pyrene suppressed phenanthrene sorption and increased Copyright n 2003 by Marcel Dekker Inc. All Rights Reserved. the linearity of its isotherm 1

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