TAILIEUCHUNG - Recurrent Hernia Prevention and Treatment - part 9

Trong các hoạt động trước đó, lưới đã được đặt trước bức tường sau của ống bẹn ở 55 trường hợp (59,8%) và ở một vị trí preperitoneal bằng cách sử dụng một cách tiếp cận sau trong 37 trường hợp (40,2%). Một sửa chữa Lichtenstein như trước miếng cẩn ngoài lưới đã được thực hiện trong phần lớn các hoạt động trước đó | 340 Treatment of Recurrent Inguinal Hernia 0 0 o o Q. o 18-1 6- 4- 2- rioo 16- 144 12- 10- 8- . 90 - 80 - 70 - 60 - 50 0 - 40 I- 30 E 0 J---r -r- 5 operations for recurrent hernia D - 20 to be expected hernia repair with mesh 1 I su t0b cxG Las - 10 0 year a Fig . . In Germany the mesh did not eliminate recurrence as should be expected In the previous operation the mesh had been placed anterior to the posterior wall of the inguinal canal in 55 cases and in asPrept ritoneal position using a posterior apororch sn ot sasrs . d TichtfU stein repairas anterior pnlaymeeh hdS beon carried out in the majority of previous operations or n 52 . Aprevioos neeasnrpic8echmqnt 13 TEP and 19 TAPP proadeiireitnorlaeen usnd of sp8 patients ra ori. There waaawkla darieapo8rraronswdy a partkulcr operativeproceduea WPS ahosenfor thepapsir T cre-current Ucrnif. Theu r maisdcciiIoo as to whiehdech-nique to usewas marteaa Igtent yarỊdo aiagiry Ín7t cases . In a mere 21 cases the surgeons decided Oefosf ragne tooenUorrn eiihe aa . . procedure or a conrrntional Stopp a WantziaEproich . After a s. 1 s r 1. n 52 plug and patch n 3 an anterior repair technique w agars chosan co at Cfrss. Ss ce afAri earn the surgeons used a shouldice procedure or a direct suture for ihcclosupc of smrll defects . Tice mesh Sssaa removed is 8 i t .tseo A i rsaaiswas performed ass aOa res r tAepraslout pniro- current hsmnlas m lOcoaei St Sargerrngdial 1 ff ated Snthomsi aOy ofthssc casa si. In om L ichte I hdlquewas chspen i o pac ops plug anypcrsh copi A totaloa 3i oSche S5 po sooS s who had u d pono a peeviahs ienerierrenaia Sah a preperita oUcs. Ct s acc uienthern 3e An is do scopic TEP approach was used in 7 of these cases and a coeventinnasnIdP repahwss chascn m 6 meshes were removed . Last but not least a Wantz repair was performed in 5 cases and a Stoppa repair in theremaini51dPsa ei so . . 1 After a previous .

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