TAILIEUCHUNG - How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P18

How to Do Everything With Your Scanner- P18: My thanks to the terrifically creative and knowledgeable staff at Osborne, particularly acquisitions editor Megg Bonar and acquisitions coordinator Alissa Larson for their responsiveness and flexibility. Special thanks to technical editor Steve Bain, not only for his insight and attentiveness to accuracy, but also for actively coming up with many ideas for content. | CHAPTER 4 Install Your Scanner and Inventory Your Hardware 69 Installing Additional RAM You can install additional RAM in your computer provided your computer has the necessary expansion slots to accommodate it. Expansion slots are places inside a computer that allow you to insert additional RAM chips or cards containing additional RAM chips. If you re not sure if you have the expansion slots in your computer to upgrade the RAM check the documentation that came with your computer. You can hire a professional to actually install the RAM or consult a resource such as How to Do Everything with Your PC Osborne McGraw-Hill 2000 . 4 TIP You definitely will notice increased speed and performance from additional RAM. If your computer has the necessary expansion slots to upgrade your RAM it s usually very cost effective to do so. Buy as much RAM as you can afford. Storage Space for Your Images In addition to RAM which is temporary memory you computer also has permanent memory. This is the memory that saves information and projects after you ve turned your computer off. It s referred to as hard disk or permanent storage. It includes your computer s hard drive usually the C drive your floppy disk and CD-ROM drives. How Much Hard Drive Space Do You Need Image files consume a lot of space. A single image file scanned at high resolution can take up to 100 megabytes of space. You ll find yourself very cramped if you have only one or two gigabytes of hard drive space. In fact when you try to store images you might get a message telling you that there is insufficient space on your designated drive. Most computers today come with hard drives of 10 gigabytes or more. A driving force behind this is the industry recognition that users are doing things such as digital imaging that require a lot more space both for the programs and the files. How to Check the Available Space on Your Hard Drive You can you tell in advance of beginning a scanning project how much space is available on your

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