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Trên hệ thống Windows, vị trí mặc định cho các cấu hình như sau: C: \ Documents and Settings \ User Name \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ biết thêm thông tin về khác Suite Mozilla tùy chọn dòng lệnh có thể làm việc với Firefox, hãy truy cập . | 250 Part V Installation Automation Tools and Tricks On Windows systems the default location for profiles is as follows C Documents and Settings User Name Application Data Mozilla Firefox Profiles. For Linux -CreateProfile MyProfile .mozilla firefox It is important to note that the two parameters the profile name and the directory paths need to be quoted together as together they are the single value that is used by the -CreateProfile instruction when you specify a custom path for the MyProfile directory. For more information on other Mozilla Suite command-line options that may work with Firefox visit http docs . Adding Global Extensions and Themes One interesting but somewhat limited set of features that is available is global installations of extensions and themes. These options are available as command-line options after Firefox has been installed so they are Firefox options and not install file -install-global-extension and -install-global-theme command-line options allow extensions and themes to be installed to the main directory in which Firefox is installed much like the similar option in the Mozilla Suite. On the surface these look to be ideal for deploying extension and themes but in my experience a global extension installation might not be worth the hassle. Before I dive into how to best use these I will just cover the issues I have come across in trying to implement them. What I have found on Windows-based systems is that the extension parameter does not play nice when it comes to the location of the actual extension XPI file. After some testing the only way to get extensions to install was to have the XPI file reside in the same directory as the or the Firefox installation path. This makes deploying a tad annoying because the files have to be copied over the computer the installation for each executed and then cleaned up afterward. This coupled with the fact that the Options .

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