TAILIEUCHUNG - The Operational code of the Politburo

This influential study, originally published in 1951, provides insight into the political leadership and foreign policy in the Soviet Union and other communist states; the development of Soviet military strategy and doctrine; and the organization and operation of the Soviet economy. It was the inaugural publication in what was then called . | RAND CORPORATION THE ARTS CHILD POLICY CIVIL JUSTICE EDUCATION ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT HEALTH AND HEALTH CARE INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS NATIONAL SECURITY POPULATION AND AGING PUBLIC SAFETY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY SUBSTANCE ABUSE TERRORISM AND HOMELAND SECURITY TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE WORKFORCE AND WORKPLACE This PDF document was made available from as a public service of the RAND Corporation. Jump down to document 6 The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization providing objective analysis and effective solutions that address the challenges facing the public and private sectors around the world. Support RAND Purchase this document Browse Books Publications Make a charitable contribution For More Information Visit RAND at Explore the RAND Corporation View document details Limited Electronic Distribution Rights This document and trademark s contained herein are protected by law as indicated in a notice appearing later in this work. This electronic representation of RAND intellectual property is provided for non-commercial use only. Unauthorized posting of RAND PDFs to a non-RAND Web site is prohibited. RAND PDFs are protected under copyright law. Permission is required from RAND to reproduce or reuse in another form any of our research documents for commercial use. For information on reprint and linking permissions please see RAND Permissions. Periodically RAND Corporation researchers publish with commercial presses. These books are not available from RAND but can be requested directly from the publisher except in cases where the rights have reverted to RAND and we have republished a new edition. THE OPERATIONAL CODE OF THE POLITBURO Nathan Leites The RAND Corporation First Edition NEW YORK TORONTO LONDON McGRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY INC. .

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