TAILIEUCHUNG - Introduction - Economics

This book is authored by Eric Buhler who has been a student of mine in “Introduction to Microeconomics”, Fall 2005. The reasons for this assignment are: • Learning is a “Cumulative” procedure. The students learn a little bit every day, | This book is authored by Eric Buhler who has been a student of mine in Introduction to Microeconomics Fall 2005. The reasons for this assignment are Learning is a Cumulative procedure. The students learn a little bit every day without noticing that they are accumulating the knowledge. Many times in my professional life I have been approached by my students who frequently claim I have not learned anything in this course Putting the accumulated knowledge in writing brings to the students attention the enormous amount of knowledge that they have gradually acquired. It is a matter of the fact that in our country the students are not learning the basic tools for their success especially at high school level. They learn Everything except how to read how to listen how to write and how to calculate That is why I have chosen these skills as my curricula s core competencies. Authoring this book improves the first three above mentioned communication skill of my students. To further improve the communication abilities of my students they are taught how to build a web-site and enrich it with their accumulated knowledge. You may visit Eric s web-site at . This book undoubtedly is not a perfect book in economics. It is hopefully the First Try in a series of books published by Eric in the future. It is a pleasure for me to hear about the future published scientific works of Eric Buhler. This will give me the satisfaction to claim that I was the one who taught him how to improve his communication skills at first place. Bijan Moeinian Docteur es sciences economiques. Economics is the study of making choices and every individual go through this whether they like or not it s inevitable. Nonetheless scarcity lingers forcing people to make these decisions due to our necessities and wants. An individual makes decisions on what they buy how much they work and how much they save. It gives us a way of understanding how to make best use of natural resources machinery and .

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