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cơ chế Transport Layer Security. Lưu ý, mặc dù, đó Kerberos không thôi là không phải là một giải pháp bảo mật hoàn toàn. Nó không có truy cập các thông tin thực tế trao đổi của các bên giao tiếp. Nếu không có truy cập, Kerberos không thể cung cấp các dịch vụ mã hóa và giải mã. | 12 SSL TLS Essentials Securing the Web Figure 1-8 Kerberos supplements application protocols. mechanism for Transport Layer Security. Note though that Kerberos alone is not a complete security solution. It does not have access to the actual information exchanged by the communicating parties. Without that access Kerberos cannot provide encryption and decryption services. Protocol Limitations The ssl protocol like any technology has its limitations. And because ssl provides security services it is especially important to understand its limits. After all a false sense of security may be worse than no security. The limitations of ssl fall generally into three categories. First are fundamental constraints of the ssl protocol itself. These are a consequence of the design of ssl and its intended application. The ssl protocol also inherits some weaknesses from the tools its uses namely encryption and signature algorithms. If these algorithms have weaknesses ssl generally cannot rehabilitate them. Finally the environments in which ssl is deployed have their own shortcomings and limitations some of which ssl is helpless to address. Fundamental Protocol Limitations Though its design includes considerations for many different applications ssl is definitely focused on securing Web transactions. Some of its characteristics reflect that concentration. For example Introduction 13 of its characteristics reflect that concentration. For example ssl requires a reliable transport protocol such as TCP. That is a completely reasonable requirement in the world of Web transactions because the Hypertext Transfer Protocol itself requires TCP. The decision means however that SSL cannot operate using a connectionless transport protocol like With this significant exception Web transactions are representative of general network computing environments. The SSL protocol therefore can effectively accommodate most common applications quite well. Indeed SSL is in use today for .

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