TAILIEUCHUNG - Celebrating the Legacy, Shaping the Future 75 Years of State and Federal Partnership to Improve Maternal and Child Health

Successful implementation of the Child Health program requires a blend of universal and targeted public health strategies. In The Early Years Study: Reversing the Real Brain Drain (60), McCain and Mustard acknowledge that “targeting measures to support children and families who are at risk or having diffi culties is necessary, but it works within a system available to everyone.” They also emphasized that “since all families and children in all socio-economic circumstances can benefi t from early child development and parenting programs, it is important that programs evolve to be available and accessible to all families in all. | ASSOCIATION OF MATERNAL CHILD HEALTH PROGRAMS 1 935-2010 h-1 YEARS OF THE TITLE V MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH SERVICES BLOCK GRANT Celebrating the Legacy Shaping the Future 75 Years of State and Federal Partnership to Improve Maternal and Child Health AMCHP Board of Directors PRESIDENT 2009-2011 Phyllis J. Sloyer RN PhD Division Director Division of Children s Medical Se ices FL Department of Health Committee Chair Executive Committee Committee Co-Chair Legislative Health Care Financing Committee Ex-Officio for Finance Committee and Governance Committee PRESIDENT-ELECT 2009-2011 Stephanie Birch RNC MPH MS FNP Section Chief of Women s Children s and Family Health MCH Title V CSHCN Director State of Alaska Member of Executive Committee Member of Legislative Health Care Financing Committee PAST PRESIDENT 2009-2011 Nan Streeter MS RN Bureau Director UT Department of Health CFHS MCH Member of Executive Committee SECRETARY 2010-2012 Loretta Fuddy ACSW MPH Chief Family Health Services Division HI State Department of Health Committee Chaired Finance Committee Member of Executive Committee TREASURER 2010-2012 Melinda Sanders MS N RN Section Administrator Section for Healthy Families and Youth Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Member of Executive Committee Committee Chair Finance Committee REGION I 2010-2013 Lisa Bujno BSN MSN ArNP Chief Bureau of Community Health Services Division of Public Health Services NH DHHS Concord NH Committee Chaired Governance Committee REGION II 2010-2013 Gloria Rodriguez Director Special Child Adult and Early Intervention Services New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services Trenton NJ REGION III 2008-2011 Melita J. Jordan CNM MSN APRNC Director Bureau of Family Health PA Dept. of Health Health Welfare Building Member of Governance Committee REGION IV 2009-2012 Daniel R. Bender MHS Director of Health Services Mississippi Department of Health Jackson MS REGION V 2008-2011 Kathy Stiffler Director Children s Special Health Care

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