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Trong cả hai trường hợp, bạn có thể cấu hình máy chủ để xuất bản các trang web cho nhiều hơn một tên miền. Các tên miền không liên quan với một mạng lưới thực hoặc máy được coi là ảo. Có một vài phương pháp để làm cho một tên miền ảo có sẵn trên một máy chủ Web. | 530 Part V Linux Server The results of the test should appear as follows jo. Connecting to local. jo. Sent The -v tells sendmail that you want to use it in verbose mode which means it prints everything it does. The account the mail was sent to is jo and the letter is what you created. Now jo should have some mail if everything worked. Log in as jo to get the mail. You can also include all the To From and Subject information usually found in messages. Normally sendmail is used through some type of client. Some situations may call for sending mail through the command line in which case the previous command will work. Some examples of situations in which you might want to use sendmail from the command line include during after or as a result of an automated task. In this way sendmail can notify administrators of problems or the completion of tasks or it can broadcast an e-mail message. General Mail Considerations Now that you have a mail server installed on your system you need to understand a few topics. that tend to affect more than one specific mail system. As such they are covered in the following sections under different categories. E-mail aliases Most e-mail servers make use of an alias file. Because it is not recommended that certain accounts log in to a console such as root daemon and several others mail sent to these accounts can be rerouted to another account that does log in on a regular basis. Mail sent to these system accounts usually error messages typically get aliased to the root account. Then the root account can be aliased to the administrator of the system. This just means that when the server goes to send mail to one of these accounts it will be redirected to whomever needs to see the mail. The alias information is kept in etc aliases or alternately etc mail aliases depending on your choice of mail server which can be edited so that the correct people receive the mail notices. You can also add virtual accounts in this file. A virtual account is not

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