TAILIEUCHUNG - Soil Sampling and Methods of Analysis - Part 3

PH đất là một trong các phép đo phổ biến nhất và quan trọng trong phân tích tiêu chuẩn đất. Nhiều phản ứng hóa học và sinh học đất được điều khiển bằng độ pH của dung dịch đất ở trạng thái cân bằng với bề mặt hạt đất. PH đất được đo bằng một ma trận dịch như nước hoặc một giải pháp muối pha loãng. PH đất đo được trong nước là độ pH gần nhất với độ pH của dung dịch đất trong lĩnh vực này (điều này là đúng cho đất có độ dẫn điện thấp. | III. SOIL CHEMICAL ANALYSES Section Editors . Soon and . Hendershot 2006 by Taylor Francis Group LLC. 2006 by Taylor Francis Group LLC. Chapter 16 Soil Reaction and Exchangeable Acidity . Hendershot and H. Lalande McGill University Sainte Anne de Bellevue Quebec Canada M. Duquette SNC-Lavalin Montreal Quebec Canada INTRODUCTION Soil pH is one of the most common and important measurements in standard soil analyses. Many soil chemical and biological reactions are controlled by the pH of the soil solution in equilibrium with the soil particle surfaces. Soil pH is measured in an aqueous matrix such as water or a dilute salt solution. Soil pH measured in water is the pH closest to the pH of soil solution in the field this is true for soils with low electrical conductivity and for soils that are not fertilized but is dependent on the degree of dilution the soil to solution ratio . Measuring soil pH in a matrix of M CaCl2 as opposed to water has certain advantages but the addition of the salt does lower the pH by about pH units compared to soil pH in water Schofield and Taylor 1955 Courchesne et al. 1995 . In soil correlation work the use of pH in CaCl2 is preferred because the measurement will be less dependent on the recent fertilizer history. Other methods for soil pH measurement such as pH in 1 M KCl are presented elsewhere Peech 1965 these methods are not commonly used in Canada for routine analysis and are not included in this chapter. SOIL pH IN WATER When measuring soil pH in water the main concern is that an increase in the amount of water added will cause an increase in pH it is therefore important to keep the ratio constant and as low as possible. However the supernatant solution must be sufficient to immerse the 2006 by Taylor Francis Group .

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