TAILIEUCHUNG - How the Japanese Learn to Work 2nd edition phần 1

Một nhóm được miêu tả là Tanaka-san-tachi có thể bao gồm những người không có tên là Tanaka. Vài danh từ tiếng Nhật trên thực tế là số nhiều, như hitobito "những người" và wareware "chúng tôi", còn từ tomodachi "bạn bè" thì được xem là số ít dù có hình thức số nhiều. | How THE Japanese Learn to Work second edition Ronald Dore and Mari Sako Nissan Institute Routledge Japanese Studies Series Also available as a printed book see title verso for ISBN details How the Japanese Learn to Work Education and training has long been cited as a key component of Japanese industrial and commercial success. A recognition of the importance of vocational training the high standards expected in school and college and the respect for education in Japanese society has produced an extremely able and well-qualified work-force. In this new and extensively revised edition Ronald Dore and Mari Sako provide a comprehensive overview of the Japanese system of education and training. There are chapters on the general education system for children the types of institutional vocational training and the importance of laying the groundwork for further training. The section on training in the workplace is of particular importance in understanding Japanese success. Also included are chapters on the qualification and vocational skill testing systems and the policy superstructure the role of the individual firms and the state. How the Japanese Learn to Work is a valuable contribution to our understanding of why one of the world s most motivated work-forces has been able to achieve so much. There are valuable insights for both policy makers and businesses not least of which is the Japanese desire to keep on learning right through their working lives. Ronald Dore is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Performance London School of Economics and Political Science. Mari Sako is Professor of International Business at Said Business School University of Oxford. The Nissan Institute Routledge Japanese Studies Series Editorial Board Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies University of Oxford and Director Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies Teigo Yoshida formerly Professor of the University of Tokyo and now Professor Obirin University Tokyo

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