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Taking Your Talent to the Web- P8:It was a simple solution to a complex problem. On one side, thousands of designers and art directors are eager to take their talents to the Web but aren’t sure how. On the other, web agencies could not find enough good web designers to get their work done. | 86 WHY Where Am I Navigation Interface GUI GUI Chewy Chewy Web designers can change or override these conventions for instance by using Cascading Style Sheets CSS to place a hand cursor over plain text rather than live links but it is rarely desirable to do so unless your goal is to confuse your visitors. There are sites such as and whose purpose is just that. These fall under the heading of fine art and many web designers adore them. Even if they re not to your taste you can learn a great deal about web users expectations by studying the way these sites subvert them. On most sites though confusing visitors is usually not among the client s objectives. Though the browser creates many GUI elements underlined links changes to the cursor state the rest is up to the designer. Indeed in a graphical browser one could consider commercial sites custom GUIs whose purpose is to enable visitors to perform tasks while subliminally absorbing the client s brand. Figure Visitors know what this cursor change means . is eric Costello WELCOME -- move your cursor over the image to the right for site navigation. And don t miss zoday s fe .Ul X d photoỊ Wednesday August 30 2000 7 42 13 PM link From the Making Money from Your Web site chapter of Philip Greenspun s Philip and Alex s Guide to Web Publishing The guy with the Web site. That s how my friends introduce me at parties. I guess that says something about what a rich multifaceted textured personality I ve developed by spending 17 out of my 35 years at MIT. Yeah. Anyway the response from my new acquaintances is invariably the same How are you going to make money off your Web site If they d been told I d spent 15 on a copy of The Forsyte Saga they wouldn t ask how I intended to make money off that. If they knew I d splurged for a 5000 Taking Your Talent to the Web 87 Figure So why confuse them with this one Changing familiar GUI elements because you can is a dog s .

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