TAILIEUCHUNG - Taking Your Talent to the Web- P2

Taking Your Talent to the Web- P2:It was a simple solution to a complex problem. On one side, thousands of designers and art directors are eager to take their talents to the Web but aren’t sure how. On the other, web agencies could not find enough good web designers to get their work done. | Dedication To Joan whose love makes me feel happy and safe. To my Dad who taught me to be independent. To my Mom who loved books. I wish she could have seen this one. xvi Acknowledgments I cannot possibly name all the people whose creativity has inspired me or those I ve been lucky enough to collaborate with over the years. It would take hundreds of pages to properly thank those I ve worked with this year alone. In childhood I attended a wedding where the bride and groom thanked the special people in their lives. In the flush of the moment they forgot to name one friend. He harbored a resentment that deepened over the years. Ultimately a tragedy ensued in which innocent bystanders lost their lives. But I digress. Rather than make a similar mistake I m going to deliberately omit the names of many special people who contributed to my knowledge of the Web and thus however unwittingly to this book. Even if you are not named below I love you and am grateful to you and you should buy this book regardless. To Steve Crozier of Populi who envisioned an intelligent method of teaching web design and to Margaret Alston and Cheryl Stockton who collaborated with me on the development of the Populi Curriculum my sincere and endless thanks. My deep gratitude to Michael Nolan for asking me to write this book. To Michael and Karen Whitehouse for shepherding it safely through the minefields of the publishing industry. To development editor Victoria Elzey for keeping it real. And to my friend and this book s technical editor Steven Cham-peon for finding all the mistakes and not telling anyone but me. To my beloved friends Fred Gates Leigh and TJ Baker-Foley and Katherine Sullivan thank you for sharing your lives keeping me sane and forgiving the disappearances hibernation and mood swings that accompanied the writing of this book. To Jim who asked only an occasional phone call and got nothing but months of silence I wrote this book for you I owe you more than these words express and I