TAILIEUCHUNG - Gale Encyclopedia Of American Law 3Rd Edition Volume 9 P2

Gale Encyclopedia of American Law Volume 9 P2 fully illuminates today's leading cases, major statutes, legal terms and concepts, notable persons involved with the law, important documents and more. Legal issues are fully discussed in easy-to-understand language, including such high-profile topics as the Americans with Disabilities Act, capital punishment, domestic violence, gay and lesbian rights, physician-assisted suicide and thousands more. | How to Use This Book 111 Article Title 12 1 Definition in italics with Latin translation provided 13 1 First-level subhead 141 Sidebar expands upon an issue addressed briefly in the article 15 1 Quotation from subject of biography 16 1 Biography of contributor to American law I 7 I Timeline for subject of biography including general historical events and life events 18 1 In Focus article examines a controversial or complex aspect of the article topic 19 1 Further readings to facilitate research I 10 I Cross references at end of article I 11 I See reference I 12 I Full cite for case I 13 I Internal cross-reference to entry within WEAL The First Payments of Social Security I 4 I A her the enactment of tha Social Security Act M 1835 M2 USCA I 301 wq end the creation of the Soc al Securer Admrsstration SSA . the e4e l gowrnnrr had short teat to tabhih the program before beginning Io pay benefits Monthly benefit were to begin m IMO The period from 1837 to IMO wa lo be uied both to bu d up the trust fund and to provide a arwnua period lor participation for person to QuaMy for monthly benefit From 1837 unW IMO. hovwver. Social Securer pad bene t m foe form ot a ungio. lump-mam payment The purpose of these one time payments was to provide one compeniabon to people who contributed to the ptogram but wocrfd not partici pate long enough to be retted for monthly benefits The fest apple are for a lump sum beneft was Ernest Ackerman a Cleveland motorman who retired one day after the Social Security Program began Ourag has one day of participation m the program fare cents was withheld from Ackerman s pay for Social Securer and upon retiring he recenred a lump-sum payment of seventeen coma Payments of monthly benedes began m January IMO On January 31. IMO. the foU monthfy retirement check wes leaned to Ida May Fvtet of Ludlow. Vermor . m the amount ot 22 M Fuller d ed m January 1825 at the age cf one hundred During her dMrty fore years as a b n d iary. the received more than 20 .

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